Motto: Making Global Peace Achievable


The purpose for which our organization is established is as follows:

  1. To appoint individuals as volunteers to assist in implementation of United Nations Sustainable Development Goals and also to promote United Nations Volunteerism in all human endeavors
  2. To foster unity, peace and hamony among and between members and the public
  3. To assist in enhancement of peace Education in schools, colleages, Universities, Industries and places of worship and constant gathering for the purpose of using the knowledge in humanitarianservice
  4. To impart ethical and leadership in youth by organizing leadership training courses, seminars, conferences workshops etc
  5. To promote internal friendship by organizing exchange peace services and operations with other similar bodies in the world
  6. To reach out to corporate bodies, churches, NGOs schools societies and other well meaning bodies with the purpose of assisting people in realizing peace
  7. To collaborate with international and non-governmental organizations including the United Nations and its specialized agencies e.g. WHO. UNESCO,UNDP, ILO, UNICEF, AFRICAN UNION and ECOWAS, UN Peace keepers, IFAS(International First Aid Society) on matters relating to peace, First Aid. Health,youth development,civic and also poverty alleviation
  8. To source for funds and grants from donor agencies, governments and countries to complement organizations funds for the execution of projects in different needy parts of the world
  9. To give first aid to the needy in times of peace and war
  10. To encourage and develop the spirit of humanitarian service to people especially the adults and youth, by establishing formation of the organization in approved institutions, strategic positions and places
  11. To establish peace clubs in villages, cities, towns, schools and churches and to use such clubs to teach peace and first aid principles and practice plus tents of good health, thereby helping the larger organization
  12. To support youth department and youth education especially for the less privilaged in the society
  13. To organize seminars workshops and monitor elections to facilitate good and effective democracy
  14. To help the elderly/aging people, promote and protect their rights and to ensure that they are treated with decorum and respect
  15. To promote and enhance tourism potentials in the world